We are born into a society of rules, norms and set patterns

of behavior and are subjected to them from that moment on.

There’s a certain naturalness given to these rules and a

strict policy of “no questions asked” is followed. Sadly by

default, the person is bound to follow them and end up feeling

trapped or contained in that set up. The pressure to belong

forces his/her to always respond appropriately and with the

respect for system.

Here, I use the form of the container to represent limited/

bounded space that is the act of con ning/con nement by the

pre-given setup. A container is a very commonly used object,

generally used to store and sort things out. In my work, there

is a repetition of the image of the container almost like a

motif, intentionally isolated and compulsive reproduction of

this rather mundane form is to highlight its structural patterning and

performative composition. This conformist tendency

of our society slowly entraps the subject within its walls.

Interestingly, the word ‘wall’ makes us think of words like

’boundary’ and ‘limitation’. Furthermore, ‘boundary’ implies a

sense of security and ‘limited’ implies suppression indicating

a contradiction. The structure provides security and a level

of certainty and we knowingly abide by its stipulations if

for nothing but the tried and tested quality of the pathway it marks.